Alex Franks



London, UK

The Archives section is where I put works that are not quite as recent/finished/good as those in the 3D and 2D sections, but might be of interest anyway, for one reason or another.



I worked on this project at Nexus Productions; mainly texturing and shading the characters, but also modelling a few objects, such as the headdress for the prominently-featured showgirl character. 2007.

Video: Ident Montage



I worked on Guitar Hero DLC at Zoe Mode for a year, half of this as lead for the visual team. Our work involved designing the character performances, camera cuts, and lightshows for individual tracks using Premiere, Vegas (with plugins developed by Neversoft), and Sonar. Character animations were selected from an on-disc library and painstakingly placed to look like a natural performance suitable for the song. 2008-09.

Video: GH DLC Montage

Tracks featured on the video: Modern Day Delilah by Kiss, Attack by 30 Seconds to Mars, Freeze Frame by the J.Geils Band, Twilight Of The Thunder God by Amon Amarth, We Are The Champions by Queen, Laser Cannon Deth Sentence by DethKlok.



This Playstation 2 game, developed by Zoe Mode in collaboration with Sony London, was the last in the popular EyeToy Play series. It was played using a green foam sword that was detected by the camera, which was sort of a precursor to Sony's PS3 Move controller.

I did a large portion of the environment art for the game, and helped to design the game engine and workflow for the levels that involved moving through environments, and the cartoon-style lighting system for environments. I also modelled a couple of characters and did some rigging and animation work. 2008.

Videos: Models & Rig, Montage of Mini-Games




This is an animation from a PS3 dynamic theme I made for Christmas 2012.




I originally did something with these monkeys in 2008, but a few years later I felt all the other elements in the image looked bad. So I put this together in a couple of hours. 2012.



A rough character concept for a game pitch that was being worked on at Zoe Mode. Click for further images. 2009.



A model I did a while back to brush up on my 3DS Max skills. Rendered with VRay. The animation was done in Maya. 2007.

Video: Model Turnaround, Jump Animation



This is a MEL-based tool for Maya that I created for my university dissertation. It could produce a number of different styles, most of which were made obsolete within a couple of years by new features added to Maya. Probably the most interesting style nowadays is the pontillism shader based on Maya's granite texture, which can be seen in the video along with an example of cel-shading. 2004.

Video: Examples Of Shaders In Use


This was the first time I attempted a large-scale image. I had originally planned a series of images featuring the same characters, loosely telling a story. Fortunately I decided to limit it to just one image and some character renders, as if I hadn't I suspect I'd still be working on it now. I think it was probably loosely inspired by the film Le Roi et L'Oiseau. 2007.

Video: Character Turnarounds



An image heavily inspired by the work of Japanese illustrator Ippei Gyoubu. I think the colours and content give it the same sort of overall look as his work, but there are a few elements of the style (such as the face) where I didn't really base it on his work. 2009.



I originally came up with the cat design (the right-hand one) for an animation designed to help me learn more Flash. I ended up postponing the Flash side of things and decided to turn it into a still image, with the addition of two other family members. 2010.



I don't know where the idea for this came from. I think it just popped into my head and I felt that it might work in 3D, so I decided to do it. 2007.

Video: Alien Model Turnaround



A logo-ish thing for the weekly fable-based podcast/webpage of Barry Northern. 2009.



Some sketches from life drawing sessions attended while at Zoe Mode. 2008.



A couple of collections of sketches I did while waiting for my game to build during my time working on on Guitar Hero. 2009.


This character was originally created for a DVD intro/menu video, but I'd come up with quite a few different looks for her before the client decided on one he liked, and over the course of time I ended up trying out a number of them, as I was never completely satisfied with any of them. The design used for the project was something similar to the bottom one. 2006-07.




A series of videos created for an internet video-greeting company. As there were a lot of them I had to keep them quite simple, though I tried to differentiate each one. The project used both cloth and fluids, areas I was familiar with but rarely needed to use. 2006-07.

Videos: Example Animations, Plane Turnaround